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Capsule Print Sensor Application

More Control Capsule Print Facing the tight regulations and mounting critical safety standards of the packaging and manufacturing industry, correct identification or items is essential for maintaining quality production lines.

In this application, the customer had requested an application which could accurately read text and other small details on capsules to identify and reject items.

The manufacturer required that all text from be removed from the capsule so it may be compared to a placebo in clinical trials.

The Omron FZ Vision System was chosen to ensure that any capsules with text on them were rejected.

The top screen: shows the capsule with no text that is taught as a reference point.

More Control Capsule PrintThe bottom screen: shows that the text on the capsule is extracted (top right in the group of four images) and the product is rejected.

This method of identification can be used to identify small differences in complex shapes and patterns.

This simple yet effective application allowed the customer to inspect and review capsules to detect identify the text and allow or reject items based on the customers required specifications.

If you have a vision system application that you wish to have designed or developed, feel free to contact us and one of our technical engineers can determined the ideal vision application to suit your needs.

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