Lenze SMV Inverter

Lenze SMV Inverter Drive Application

A customer was after retrofitting an inverter on their system which had a rating of IP65.

The Inverter drive was to be fitted on the roof of a building. Given the nature of the application, the Lenze inverter drive was required to withstand taking severe weather and still be operational.

To ensure the functionality of the application, More Control suggested using a Lenze SMV 4kW, 3 phase inverter drive. Using the Lezne drive meant the customer did not need to use a large and expensive IP65 rated enclosure and could save valuable space on the application.

The Lenze SMV inverter drive is a motion sensor-less vector drive that requires no panel space, even in areas with moisture or wash down with low pressure jets. Parameters can be saved on the Electronic Programmable Module (EPM). The EPM can be programmed offline and the settings transferred from one drive to another drive seconds.

Advantages of the SMV Inverter Drive

  • Connections: start/stop, analogue input, freely programmable digital inputs and outputs (4/1)
  • Communication: RS-485 Modbus, CANopen, Profibus, Ethernet IP and DeviceNet
  • High degree of protection IP65
  • Maximum Motor Current 9.4 with 200% Overload Capacity
  • Built in RFI filter and RoHS compliant
  • High performance dynamic torque response

Typical Application Uses of the SMV Inverter Drive

  • Conveying & Cutting
  • Outdoor Displays
  • Packaging & Production Lines
  • Fans & Pumps
  • Slicing & Sawing
  • Milling & Drilling

Lenze SMV IP65 frequency inverters can be wall mounted in dusty, dirty and damp environments, even with low pressure jets, saving panel space and cost.

The Lenze SMV IP65 inverter is available in two different enclosure materials for indoor only use and for indoor/outdoor use. These rugged enclosure options are ideal for numerous industries including the food & beverage, waste water, chemical metering & processing and pharmaceuticals.

For more information about the Lenze SMV drives and motion control applications, contact More Control on 0345 00 00 400.

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