Filling Machine Sensor

Filling Machine Sensor Application

Omron E2EH Proximity Sensor Customer was looking for a proximity sensor on their filling machine, which was suitable for use in Washdown detergent environments and acid solutions.

Detergents and chemical used for cleaning or during manufacturing processes can severely damage/corrode the housing or sensing face of sensors. Apart from the chemicals which are consciously used, accidentally applied liquids such as soft drinks with low pH values or sweet can unintentionally damage the sensors. In addition, continuously high or low temperatures which exceed the rated specification can quickly damage standard sensors.

More Control Solution

More Control recommended using the Omron E2EH proximity sensor to solve the customers’ application needs.

The Omron E2EH sensor is a heat and detergent resistant inductive sensor providing reliable metal object or machine part detection in demanding environments such as food & beverage processing.

Main Features:

  • Temperature resistant up to 120°C
  • SUS316L housing with heat resistant plastic sensing face
  • IP69k for highest water resistance
  • ECOLAB tested and certified detergent resistance

Part Number:
E2EH-X12B1 2M
Proximity sensor M30, high temperature (120°C) stainless steel, 12mm sensing range, DC PNP, NO, prewired, 2m

For more information about the Omron E2EH proximity sensor, download the product datasheet here:

For more information about the E2EH sensor and other proximity sensors, contact More Control on +44 (0) 345 00 00 400.


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