Combined Heating & Power Generation

Combined Heating & Power Generation Application

Combined heat and power (CHP) systems integrate the production of usable heat which is invariably produced during the production of electricity and then is re-used into one single highly efficient process.

Combined Heater & Power (CHP) Application Brief:

Working with a bio fuel generator company, More Control was asked to develop the control settings for precise calibration and monitoring of a modified diesel generator which provides CHP (combined heating & power).

The output motion from the diesel used in the fuel is designed to drive the generator. The combustion energy from the diesel is dissipated out to surrounding building to provide an efficient form of heating. Additional heat from the generator is siphoned out to nearby water systems to generate hot water at minimal expense.

Utilising the latest PLC technology, More Control was able to monitor and track the status of the CHP generator. Making use of high speed data logging and automatic FTP uploads; a complete remote diagnostics of the CHP generator was able to occur. Remote diagnostics allowed engineers to have access to the generator both on/off site and be able to calibrate the generator settings remotely anywhere in the world.

A series of alarm functions and running parameters were programmed into the generator to ensure that at all times the generator was operating a maximum efficiency and in the safest means possible.

With the installation and use of a remote camera, More Control was able to view the CHP generator in action in real time, to check on production and ensure the generator is working at correct capacity.

If you would like more information about the CHP generators and remote monitoring of generator systems, contact More Control on 0345 00 00 400.

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