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Vision Sensor Capsule Colour Check Application

More Control Colour Check Application As products become increasingly more safety critical, total quality assurance is a paramount requirement for many manufacturers, especially those in the pharmaceutical industries.

In the formation and development of pharmaceutical capsules, many capsules are formed in two equal halves divided by two different colours.

To ensure that each capsule has been joined together with no holes or imperfections a precision vision senor device is required.

The Omron FZ vision system was chosen to detect that the coloured halves were joined correctly. The Omron FZ vision is set to extract the colour and identify that the capsules used are correct.

In this examples image, half white and half brown capsule is accepted.

Two white or two brown halves together would generate a fail signal.

The image shows that the white capsule has even been successfully extracted against a white background. This is achievable because the Omron FZ vision system can determine between 16 million colours shades, making it very adaptable and accurate in identifying items.

The left hand image is the raw data; the right hand side shows the processed image.

The Omron FZ vision is a simple but effective vision sensor application that allows customers to accurately detect, recognise and remove any faulty capsules from a batch to ensure that the right two halves of a capsule were correctly joined together.

If you have a vision sensor application that you wish to have a designed or developed, feel free to More Control on: 0345 00 00 400.

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