Emergency Stop Control Panel

Emergency Stop Control Panel

More Control was approached by a customer who was using a stretch wrapper machine that did not have an emergency stop function.

One option could have been to dismantle the existing controls and try to incorporate the correct emergency stop control circuit.  However, due to panel space and potential machine downtime this was not deemed a viable solution.

The answer was to build a remote emergency stop panel which is used to disconnect power to the machine when an E-stop is pressed.

Stop Category 0: Stopping by immediate removal of power to the machine actuators. 

E stop control panel inside use

The panel uses a safety relay and dual contactors to achieve a fully monitored emergency stop.  When an E-stop is pressed, the dual contactors in the panel drop out and remove power to the machine; this is indicated by a red LED. The E-stop is locally reset and a further reset button on the panel is pressed to re-energise the contactors and restore power (indicated by a green LED).

Attention should be given to the behaviour of your machine when power is removed.  To check if this approach is right for you -

  1. When power is reinstated to the machine it should not re-start until the local machine start button is pressed.
  2. Removal of power should not result in an extended run downtime (inverters driving high inertia loads etc).

More Control are able to offer an Emergency Stop Control Panel as an off the shelf solution to your requirement for enhanced safety.

Contactors and circuit protection are fitted to suit the full load current of your machine.

We only use brand name high quality components for a quality build and long service life.

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