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The Shard Building Maintenance Unit With the every increasing complexity of modern buildings, and the ever increasing height, the demands and complexity put on the Building Maintenance Unit (BMU) also increases.

The BMU is the modern solution for buildings where regular maintenance is required in inaccessible locations. A powerful cradle system offers an economic solution for both window cleaning, maintenance and light repair works.

The Shard - Application Brief:

More Control, working alongside E W Cox's (Cox Goymal) developed a high rise cradle system for the tallest building in the Europe, The Shard in London.

More Control assisted in writing & commissioning the software used for operating the cradle at The Shard and calibrating the cradle arm.

An automated position control system was developed for positing the High Rise Cradle Control Arm used for glass cleaning and building maintenance. A cleaner would be able to simply select a position they wanted to move to and the cradle would move to the required position. The cradle arm would drop down to the position where the cleaner could safely lower down the building.

Via a simple selector switch, cleaners have complete position control of the cradle without the need to remember complex sequences of moves to reach the required positions.

Due to the significant complexity of developing the cradle and getting it up to the 87th floor, the cradle unit is fitted with secure remote access to allow engineers remote monitoring of the cradle to ensure complete operator control and safety.

Via the use of the latest PLC logic controllers, More Control was able to set the numerous position control set points of the cradle and to calibrate all the control positioning.

If you would like more information about Building Maintenance Units (BMU), or remote monitoring contact More Control on 0345 00 00 400.

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