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More Control Box Flap Sensor Paramount to the success of any modern day manufacturer is their ability to maintain consistent and efficient production lines.

Boxes of toothpaste are passed along a conveyor. The box flaps are then sealed down with hot melt glue.

On some occasions the glue is not applied and the flap will fail to stick down. This causes issues later on in the production process, as the boxes jam in the machine. The boxes may also get to the point of sale where they look untidy and may also cause the toothpaste tubes to spill out.

The customer requested a sensor application to ensure that each box was secured down and that the box flaps were fastened down.

A checker vision sensor was used to create an outline around a good sample box. If for some reason a flap was unglued it would then fail the checker test and the vision sensor would detect the fault.

More Control Box Flap Sensor A large external back light illuminated the shadow of the box, to create enhance the detection accuracy of each box.

The vision system stored multiple box shapes and each of these was recalled as separate programs using binary logic inputs.

Top Image: Good box

Bottom Image: Reject box.

This checker application ensured that only boxes which were fastened down would go pass the inspection process and thus ensured quality controls on the production line by only accepting secured boxes through.

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