IMO Nexus PLC Control System Application

Well built automated machinery often far outlasts the control system that controls it. When machine control systems fail, expensive machinery becomes worthless and production stops. More Control appreciates the value of machinery and works with manufactures to maintain machinery, provide upgrade paths, and in the event of a failure repair and modernise them.

When one of England's largest pastas producers suddenly found that one of its main packing lines suddenly stopped working, due to a PLC failure, More Control got them back up and running straight away with a PLC replacement.

The in line bagging machine was crucial to the end of line process and when the IMO Nexus PLC failed, so did the whole production line.

From limited information about the machine, More Control were able to put together a basic functional specification, change the obsolete IMO Nexus PLC with a new Omron CP1L PLC and then program this on site to get the machine up and running. Within just 2 days the production line was back up and running and the bagging machine was refurbished to ensure production well into the future.

If you are having difficulties with your PLC and require a PLC replacement, feel free to contact More Control on 0345 00 00 400 and one of our technical engineers can provide the ideal PLC replacement solution to suit your automation needs.

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