Critical Device Monitoring

Critical Device Monitoring Application

Monitoring Application Details

The customer had identified critical equipment to the business which must be identified quickly upon failure. Items such as compressors, chilled water and warehouse control equipment will all either stop production or cause the finished product to spoil.

More Control was able to provide an effective wireless monitoring system that was easy and cheap to install, yet offering visual alarms, email alerts and also text alerts.

More Control Solution Provided

A PC located in the security office is the hub for all of the alarm signals. Upon equipment failure a visual and audible alarm sounds and email/text alerts are then issued.

critical device alarm

Description of TH-ALARM-SYS

The system will be housed in a small plastic enclosure and will require a 240vac supply.

The front of the panel will appear as the sketch below.

A panel mounted digital temperature and humidity controller will be used to generate alarms. These alarms will be transmitted to the wireless WIN network and be displayed back at the security office.

A local visual and audible alarm will also warn that the system has detected a fault.

From the panel there is a 3m lead with the combined temperature and humidity sensor attached.

Description of ALARM-TEXT-SYS

device alarm textThe system will interface with a bespoke spacer element on the master alarm WIN tower which is plugged into a USB port on the PC in the security office.

The small control panel will house a text message generator that More Control will configure to send out a text message to your stated phone numbers if any of the monitored devices on the WIN system go into an error.

The system will also send out a test message once per week to confirm that its still operational.

Integration to your factory

The entire system will be configured and tested on the bench prior to final integration.

The installation will be conducted by your engineers with technical assistance from More Control.

TH-ALARM-SYS modules will require a 240vac supply. The sensor must be mounted in the area and the panel ideally should be wall mounted.

ALARM-TEXT-SYS will require an AC supply (this can just be a standard 13amp plug). The panel will be desktop mounted.

The other monitoring points will require the beacon stack to be mounted and supplied with 24vdc. By using interface relays you must provide a “healthy signal” to turn on the green beacon via the N/O relay contact. When the signal is lost, 24vdc will flow through the N/C relay contact to the red beacon.

For this application More Control have detailed a selection of 24vdc and 240vac coil relays and 24vdc power supplies in case one does not exist on the equipment.

More Control can help in advising the best way to generate a “healthy signal” from your equipment and quickly respond to any critical faults on your machinery.

For more information about WIN systems, remote monitoring and production line applications, contact More Control on 0345 00 00 400.

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