Bottle Dropper Application

Detecting a Bottle Dropper

Application Details

Detection Dropper ApplicationThe customer supplies a sterile fluid for public use. A bottle is filled, has a dropped device inserted to the top and is then capped accordingly.

If the dropped is not applied before the cap then the bottle can leak. This affects its sterile properties and also causes a mess in transit.

More Control was asked to provide a cost effective solution to check that a dropper is in place AFTER the product has been capped.

More Control Solution Provided

Omron Fibre Amplifier

A very high powered fibred optic amplifier was used to pass light through the cap. The maximum reading from the amplifier is 9999 and the following results were achieved.

  • Cap with dropper: 2000
  • Cap with no dropper: 4500 -8000

By setting a switch level at 3000 we were reliable able to detect the presence of the dropper in a capped product and be able to efficiently solve this issue.

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For more information on fibre optics applications or if you require a detection application solution, contact More Control on 0345 00 00 400.


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